“Amazon has more than 50,000 titles for sale on World War II but “My Father’s War” by Charlie Valera is the one you absolutely should have on your bedside table. It’s a must-read for anyone who cares deeply about the meaning and the sacrifice of those who fought in America’s most costly, vital and historic conflict. Valera has lovingly chronicled the personal stories of courage and loss of some of those ordinary Americans who took up arms to help save the nation and the world. It’s a profoundly moving book and an important reminder that the character and valor of our fellow citizens are the last bulwark of freedom.”

Philip S. Balboni, Founder, CEO and Co-Executive Editor of DailyChatter and Trustee of the International Museum of World War II, Boston.

Philip S. Balboni
Founder, CEO and Co-Executive Editor of DailyChatter and Trustee of the International Museum of World War II, Boston.

“the book was meaningful even before I had read it, but now that I have, it is even more so.”

“None of this could have been successful but for your commitment to the task and your own gift of transferring the individual interviews into beautifully readable text. Woven together, albeit individually described, they were totally engaging as a linked story, from beginning to end. I send you my gratitude for sharing your experience with this reader in a way that will not be forgotten.
Thank you and my best to you for your tribute to your father and to our country.”

Mrs. Maj. Gen. George S. Patton III

Mrs. Maj. General George S. Patton III

“…We’ll never fully comprehend what it was like for our father’s generation during World War II. Why didn’t we ask, maybe we were afraid to, or just didn’t know how, and now it’s too late. Here are their stories. Some of your family members are in these ordinary soldiers, in their graphic difficult memories for us all to understand. “My Father’s War: Memories From Our Honored WWII Soldiers” has over 130 private photos and hundreds of stories.
A combination of The Greatest Generation and Saving Private  Ryan…”

Charley Valera
My reasoning for writing

“Charley, I want to thank you for this book. My grandfather is Fernand Frechette and he is also my heart and soul. He cried the whole time he read his story, as did I. I have heard a lot of his stories and the sadness and fear in his eyes are forever imbedded in my memory. These heroes all deserve to have their stories told and I thank you for making it happen. What an amazing book, job well done!”

Joanie Frechette Desilets
Granddaughter of Fern Frechette, Featured Veteran

“Great collection of stories Charley . I shared with my mom over Christmas. Forever grateful for you sharing her and my dads war experiences in your book. I would urge all Americans to read it cover to cover…..and then read it again.”

Peter McDonald
son of Featured Veteran Thomas McDonald

“Every once in awhile, something comes along that qualifies as one of those “must-have’s” in every American’s home. This book is one of them. Thanks Charley Valera for taking the 2 years to put this “short stories” book together!”

Sean Burgoyne

“Valera has done an admirable job in honoring and preserving the legacy of ordinary Americans who did extraordinary things in defense of their country and freedom.”

Mark C. Bodanza
Lawyer, Author, "Ten Times a Champion, the Story of Basketball Legend Sam Jones"

“…I hate missed opportunities – I missed my opportunity with my Uncles and neighbor. Unfortunately they didn’t bring it up so I (we) didn’t ask. Fortunately, your manuscript captured the experiences of your airmen, soldiers, and sailors — their selfless, courageous, and patriotic service to America when it was needed most. Now … at least … their stories help me realize more-so, that my uncles and neighbor were some really great men and I’m proud of them too. ”

David Dion
LT. Colonel United States Air Force (Retired)

“…As for the stories themselves, each of them is quite compelling, providing a glimpse of each individual person. Each has an interesting set of recollections to tell, and each story is most interesting. You do a very good job of putting what they said in orderly, readable prose…”

David Gordon
Ft. Devens Museum

You did a remarkable job on this book and such an honor for these American heroes. Thank you for all your hard work on this book. This is something to hand down to my grandchildren and more generations to come.

Denise Frechette Muth
Daughter of Fernand Frechette, featured veteran.

While serving a purpose higher than themselves, the men and women within this collection of stories built America into the super power it is today. We need to remember that. We need to honor that. We need to honor them…

Steve Manchester
Gulf War Veteran and #1 bestselling author, / The Rockin' Chair

Like many Americans, I grew up with books and John Wayne movies about WWII, but heard few stories from my father, father-in-law or relatives who actually lived it. They didn’t talk about it and it is now too late for me to ask. Charley Valera captured a vanishing opportunity by interviewing and chronicling the memories and impressions of local citizen-soldiers and their families. Through their eyes Charley provides wonderful insights into the war and how it impacted lives during this eventful period in our history.

Unlike conflicts since, WWII was an entire nation at war, not just the deployed soldiers overseas and their immediate families. Heavily censored newsreels at the movies informed the public while families went weeks with only occasional letters (also heavily censored). The fears, victories and boredoms are humbly recounted – often with humor. The “war stories” are fascinating, but equally so are the transitions from life before the war into wartime and the reintegration into local life afterwards. Through these men and women, and millions of others, the world was forever changed.

A big thank you to Charley for writing this book and to these men and their families who made possible my favorite T-Shirt quote: “Back-to-Back World War Champions”.

Edward Littlejohn
Colonel, United States Army (Retired)

I read the entire book and enjoyed the telling of their stories on a personal basis. It made it more interesting knowing some of these families and familiar names in our area. These men usually did not want to talk of war but Charlie got them to reveal their experiences graphically. I have read dozens of books on the Great War and to hear from our local guys was really touching. For most of them, the war was the most important and formative experiences of their lives. Their memories, although driven back, could never be removed. Nice to hear about after war experiences.

Charley. Read the entire manuscript. Found it fascinating and profoundly moving what these guys endured. Young boys taking on important responsibilities and seeing there buddies killed in action and witnessing so much destruction. Part of history forgotten by most

Robert Salvatelli
Former City Councilor at City of Leominster
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