Grab a Kleenex and a glass of water, then read this letter.

Yesterday I received this very moving letter. This is why we need to share their stories—why we must spend the time now to know them better while we can. Grab a Kleenex and a glass of water and read on. I’ve been honored to receive such letters. Amazing.

Dear Charles,
I just learned of your book when reading the worcester telegram. I want to thank you for bringing the stories of the brave unfortunate heros to print. I will be purchasing three of your books, one for me and my two siblings, although I don’t know if i will be able to read it.

My dad, long passed, was wounded twice in Anzio, once laid on a stretcher, dropped on the field during shelling and then again rescued when shelling ceased. Thats the most we ever got out of him regarding his service. He was awarded a purple heart and silver star. He suffered thrashing nightmares throughout his adult life and after reading the newspaper account of Santo DiSalvo, I now know why. These things were unimaginable to me, even at my advanced age, until I read his account. As I write this thru tears of grief and longing to give my dad a hug for all that he suffered through and did for us, could you please pass along a thank you and a hug to Mr DiSalvo, from me, for helping me understand a little bit more.

I am your age, most of the adult men in my family served in the war in some capacity and none ever spoke of their experiences.
I appreciate what you have done and am eager to make my purchase.

May God bless you and all our servicemen.




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